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GLmath Overview
About GLmath
GLmath was born from the need to make any subsequent graphic intensive application easy to write. It takes those complex math calculations out of the mind of the developer and lets them focus on the actual program logic. GLmath can be used to create smooth animation paths, it facilitates the drawing of a number of primitives, and it does a variety of matrix transformations. The abilities of this API are limited only by the mind of the developer.

How to get GLmath
Please visit the GLmath project on Sourceforge to download this API.

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The following APIs were created with the help of GLmath:
About xRhino
Committed to giving back to the open source community, xRhino released GLmath under a GPL license. We hope that others will find this API as helpful as we have during the creation of their OpenGL applications. Come and visit our web site to learn more about our company.

About the Authors
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